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17 May 2016 @ 10:14 pm
V6 - SUPER Very best (LE B) - ~Project: 6-man training camp~ From Now - MISSION 06-07  
It's the 17th of May! Eh? (´ε`)


Perhaps there's something else hidden behind the image projected on TV, but for so many people to attest of his kindness and consideration, be it in the little gestures or the seemingly passing comments, I think it has to be at least genuine to a certain extent. And that's part of what makes Inocchi one of the few celebrities I admire and respect as people (and not just for their skill in acting/hosting/singing/etc). He may not be the most handsome, but he's an ikemen at heart - and that's what matters (imo). At the time of his debut in 1995, Inocchi said that his dream was to "become a good man and make those girls who laughed at (him) until now regret their actions," ... I think he's gone and done just that. I bet a bunch of them are even his fans and watch him every day on Asaichi now, envying Seto Asaka all the while ^^

Anyway! Moving on to the SVb translations... I'm going to jumble up the order a little cuz there are too many lines I can't hear (because they talk over each other too much!) in the previous 2 missions, and because... Ken mentions Inocchi's birthday in misson 6 XD Although it's about the fact that he CAN'T remember Inocchi's birthday, lol. I suppose this year they probably celebrated together though, since they spent most of yesterday together filming for various shows (according to the latest staff memo) ^^ And then that evening Go-kun goes and drops that bomb on Shabekuri007 when he says he "hates" everyone in V6 except Nagano and Okada.

Mission 06: Confessions

Inocchi: Somehow... It feels like being in a classroom again.
Masa: This is so nostalgic!
Nagano: So nostalgic... This table...
Inocchi: The windows are huge!
Go: It feels really spacious, huh?
Nagano: But the tables are tiny.
Masa: But it's really clean.
Inocchi: It is!
Masa: When you were in elementary school...
Inocchi: Ah, table carving?
Masa: Didn't you used to carve stuff into the tables?
Nagano: I did.
Masa: Okay.
Okada: Oh, here it is! Bring it on!
Masa: Mission 06. In order to forge even stronger bonds between these members as you celebrate your 20th anniversary, please confess the secrets you've been hiding from the members all this while.
Masa: So it's for us to write down our own secrets...
Nagano: Secrets we've been hiding...
Ken: We don't hide anything from each other!
Everyone: We don't!
Inocchi: Since we have to, shall we just go with stuff we've not told each other?
Go: That's tough...
Nagano: I can't think of anything...
Go: I have no memories!
Inocchi: This is about me, but...
Masa: What is it? What are you gonna confess?
Inocchi: I guess it was probably back in elementary school? This... I suppose it was caused by a pencil or something? Till today there's a black spot on my finger like this.
Ken: You were hiding it?
Inocchi: Yeah, I never told anyone.
Ken: Useless information!
Nagano: You should have told us...
Masa: Here goes. Tadah. I removed a mole with laser therapy about 4-5 years ago.
Inocchi: Eh? Where?
Ken: Where!?
Masa: It's really faint...
Inocchi: So you didn't remove it at all!
Masa: It's come back a little...
Inocchi: It came back? That's no good!
Go: So these things'll come back 4-5 years later?
Nagano: Is that so!
Inocchi: So you removed it once, and then... Ah, I see. We didn't know he had it, neither did we know that he had removed it.
Ken: And in the end it came back.
Masa: Um... I didn't expect... To get scolded like this...
Go: I really didn't have a clue.
Ken: Me neither.
Nagano: There's a single, long, white strand of hair growing on my shin.
Masa: That's just white hair!
Okada: That's gross.
Masa: That's just white hair!
Nagano: You sure have a lot of them!
Ken: He does, huh!
Nagano: Let's hear them all!
Inocchi: Leader's car stinks.
Okada: Can I raise another one while we're on the stinky theme?
Nagano: He has one! Straight away, too...
Okada: I couldn't take the smell of Inocchi's old car.
Ken: I hated it, too.
Inocchi: The coconut scent, right?
Okada: Yeah, yeah. That four-wheel drive you had back then.
Inocchi: Yeah, yeah. It was intense.
Ken: Yeah, and I have to sit in the front passenger seat in Inohara-kun's car, right?
Inocchi: What do you mean by that? When it's just the two of us, why the hell would you sit behind?
Nagano: We're wringing them out of ourselves, huh!
Go: I'm gonna share a problem that's been bothering me.
Nagano: Problem?
Go: Problem.
Inocchi: Aunt Agony?
Nagano: Did this just become Aunt Agony?
Go: I'd always kept it a secret. Ever since about 4-5 years ago... My left ankle has been making clicking noises. I never could tell anyone.
Nagano: Wow!
Masa: The sound it makes is like...
Inocchi: Wow! It's like... "kyuuta?" (TN: the onomatopoiea)
Nagano: Others can hear it even from a distance!
Ken: This is a little terrible, but... Let's do this. We do concerts, right? Every year we do them, and somewhere along the way we started using earphone monitors...
Inocchi: The ear-moni, right?
Ken: Yeah. Earphone monitors. Ear-moni. Well, you can hear not only your own voice, but also the voices of all the other members, right?
Inocchi: Ah, that's true.
Ken: I hate the ghostly sound of Nagano-kun's voice that I sometimes hear in the middle of a concert.
Inocchi: You HATE it!?
Masa: Ghostly... What does it sound like?
Inocchi: You HATE it? What does it sound like?
Ken: Waa... Wa....
Inocchi: Like that....?
Ken: You guys don't hear it? Am I the only one?
Masa: You sure that's not a ghost?
Ken: And lastly.
Nagano: Oh.
Ken: We've been doing this for 20 years... And this has bothered me all this while...
Nagano: Aunt Agony again...
Ken: For some reason, I just can't remember Inohara-kun's birthday.
Masa: "For some reason...?"
Go: Why not!?
Okada: I totally understand...
Inocchi: Why not!?
Ken: I know that it's in May! But as I'm wondering when exactly it is, before I know it, it's already June.
Nagano: Who the hell cares!
Masa: Who the hell cares!
Inocchi: Who the hell cares! But... I know it's a date that's neither here nor there, but isn't it the kind of thing you'd end up remembering even if you didn't want to!?
Ken: I can't remember it!
Go: We've been together for 20 years!
Inocchi: It's no biggie, and it's not like I particularly want you to remember my birthday, but I mean, it's the kind of thing you'd end up remembering, right!?
Ken: When is it again? Ah, the 17th of May!
Inocchi: Don't go checking Wikipedia, dammit!

Mission 07: Trick Shots

Okada: Let's do our best!
Inocchi: I wonder if it'll be a fun one.
Masa: Makes you energized just thinking that the end is near, huh?
Nagano: We've come this far!
Masa: Please take some trick shots to commemorate your 20th anniversary. What's that supposed to mean? Trick shots? What?
Inocchi: Like trick art?
Narrator: Trick photography refers to the manipulation of perspective and angles of view to compose interesting shots. What kind of trick shots will the inexperienced V6 be able to take?
Go: Let's start by taking some simple ones.
Masa: Simple ones, eh?
Inocchi: What about one of those where some of us are carried in someone's hand? Okay? Leader can be over here, and we'll go over there behind him and try to get ourselves into the frame.
Okada: Ah, we'll be able to take one like that. Wow.
Inocchi: Yeah, let's do that, let's do that.
Masa: Like this?
Okada: So the other members are in the distance, right?
Nagano: Should we stand further away?
Okada: And then... Pull your hand closer to yourself a little...
Ken: Should we stand closer to each other?
Okada: And then Sakamoto-kun will blow some air, so... It should look you guys are getting blown away by a god, I guess?
Inocchi: Looks good!
Masa: I don't feel like I'm a part of this at all...
Okada: Getting blown away...
Narrator: Will this go well at all?
Okada: 3, 2, 1!
Inocchi: Looks good, doesn't it?
Nagano: We're flying! We're flying!
Ken: Let's try something else.
Inocchi: Everyone, let's get behind this thing. Come on.
Okada: Looks like he's thought of something!
Ken: A ghost photo? A ghost photo, right? A ghost photo again?
Go: Your hand is sticking out.
Ken: The way he's looking at the camera is good.
Inocchi: Heave, ho.
Nagano: Looks tough.
Ken: Look at the camera, look at the camera. How is it? Does it look like trick art?
Masa: Not in the least...
Inocchi: Liar!
Masa: What?
Go: It is a trick, after all.
Inocchi: Is it?
Nagano: So tiny!
Go: A black object...
Narrator: Thereafter, they took a number of shots that couldn't really be called trick art. And then...
Ken: Here?
Inocchi: Yeah, your back over here, and...
Okada: You should look like you're sitting down over here...
Ken: Oh, like this?
Okada: No, no...
Inocchi: No, no. This is the wall, and over there is the front.
Ken: So it should be okay like this?
Okada: Yeah. And your butt has to be planted over here.
Inocchi: Plant your butt there.
Ken: My butt, huh. Like this?
Inocchi: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okada: And then cross your legs.
Ken: Like this?
Okada: Yeah, you have to plant your butt there properly.
Ken: My butt...
Inocchi: Should we have someone here doing something like this?
Ken: Well, why not?
Nagano: Like this?
Okada: Yeah, yeah. Like that, but... Can we also have someone here... Like this, to look like he's running... And like that...
Inocchi: Sakamoto-kun, run!
Okada: Sakamoto-kun, run!
Go: Looks real tough!
Okada: It's supposed to look like the gravity is on this side, so... Thanks to Inocchi, it totally does NOT look like trick art at all!
Inocchi: I'm doing a handstand!
Okada: It does NOT look like trick art at all!
Inocchi: I'm doing a handstand!
Okada: You say you're doing a handstand but it totally doesn't look like trick art!
Nagano: How about this, Okada?
Okada: It doesn't look like trick art at all...
Ken: Eh, it doesn't?
Inocchi: What should we do then?
Okada: Don't ask me! Don't ask me! I've never taken trick art in my life!
Nagano: Let's try again.
Okada: Okay, 3, 2, 1! It totally doesn't look it!
Go: Did we get it?
Okada: Not in the slightest!
Inocchi: Liar!
Go: This...
Ken: Let's forget about this sideways thing...
Inocchi: Let's keep it as a spare.
Okada: It doesn't look like it at all...
Ken: Let's forget about this sideways thing...
Okada: It's just a bunch of middle-aged uncles lying down.
Go: You're right!
Inocchi: You're right!
Go: It's a bunch of middle-aged uncles lying down!
Ken: Isn't it fine to leave it that way?
Okada: It's not trick art in any semblance of the word!
Go: It isn't.
Okada: It's just a bunch of middle-aged uncles lazing around.
Ken: This ain't good!
Narrator: The 6 of them haven't been able to get a good shot at all... What will they do?
Go: Inohara-kun, what about your lie over here, upside down... And then poke your head out from over here?
Inocchi: From whose...?
Ken: Inohara-kun's face, right?
Go: Your legs... Yeah, yeah. Looking upwards like that.
Ken: So he lies down and from here... His legs... Like this? Like this? Let's just get a shot of this for now!
Masa: Looks good!
Ken: Let's just get a shot of this for now!
Inocchi: Someone hide my legs!
Nagano: Are we supposed to hide Inohara's legs?
Masa: Let's hide Inohara's legs!
Ken: For now!
Masa: Shall we hide his legs? Ah, yeah, like that.
Staff: Here goes...! Say cheese!
Go: So scary!
Ken: So scary! So scary! So scary! So scary!
Go: So scary! So scary! So scary! So scary!
Inocchi: So scary! So scary! So scary!
Masa: So scary! So scary! So scary!
Ken: What kind of trick art is this!
Masa: This counts as trick art, doesn't it?
Inocchi: What the hell is happening in this shot...
Ken: To our credit, it's unique compared to the rest of the world's trick art.
Masa: That's true.

So I guess that leaves me with half the DVD left to go (Missions 4-5, 8-10) :3 And I should probably get back to my work, so that may mean no updates for a while again ^^; I've a one-track mind so in order to translate I've had to push all my work/studying to the back burner ugh those deadlines...

Till then!

おとなになるには どれくらいのわかれと
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yarwapyarwap on October 11th, 2016 06:57 am (UTC)
Perhaps there's something else hidden behind the image projected on TV but for so many people to att