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24 January 2016 @ 10:03 pm
V6 - SUPER Very best (LE B) - ~Project: 6-man training camp~ From Now - MISSION 01-03  

Has everyone seen the jacket covers for the DVDs? The RE covers are SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. I pre-ordered both LE A&B, but now I'm seriously considering getting the blu-ray, in part becaue the staff memo on the avex site said that it uses some technology that V6 is the first to use in Japan, but mostly because the cover is so damn sexy. But. My hard-earned money... T^T

Anyway, while I deliberate about whether or not to part with an additional 5,800 yen... Here are the first 3 missions from the second SVb DVD, "from now"!

Mission 01: Wake-up Pranks

Narrator: During this training camp, the staff have set various missions related to their 20th anniversary, and V6 will have to clear them all! This mission begins early in the morning, at 5:50am...
Staff: Yo. Nagano-kun.
Nagano: You've got the wrong person.
Staff: You've got a mission.
Nagano: I'm not Nagano.
Staff: You've got a mission.
Nagano: What the hell!! Ugh... So many people... What's going on? Is this a wake-up prank?
Staff: No, it's a mission.
Nagano: What... Isn't that totally old-fashioned? This whole idea. Please conduct a series of wake-up pranks one by one in relay fashion... What time is it? What the... It's only 5-going-6am...!?

Nagano: Good morning! This is totally old-fashioned, but... We'll be pulling a wake-up prank. I'm the first one up, so now... Although I don't know which member it'll be... I'd like to go to one of their rooms. Don't worry. I've got a key. First up, the bathroom... Undisposed trash... Suppon! (TN: the soft-shelled turtle they had for dinner the night before)
Telop: Suppon skull
Nagano: What's this... Why is laid out like this? Good morning! Jun-chan~! Good~ Mor~ning~! Yo!
Okada: Good morning.
Nagano: Are you awake~?
Okada: What do you want?
Nagano: We've got a mission!
Okada: What the hell?
Nagano: We've got a mission!
Okada: Good morning~
Nagano: Your butt is showing~ The small of your back is showing~
Okada: The hell... Good morning~!
Nagano: You're sure in a good mood despite just being woken up, Okada!
Okada: Of course I am.
Nagano: Why're you in such a good mood? Why've you got a bath towel laid out on the floor? Were you practicing some (martial arts) pinning techniques?
Okada: No...
Nagano: Some kind of practice?
Okada: I was training...
Nagano: Training...!? Even though we ended so late last night? And you can still say "I was training..."
Okada: I was training.
Nagano: Okada-san.
Okada: What?
Nagano: We've got a mission.
Okada: What the hell? This is my first time... Having a wake-up prank pulled on me like this... Alright! Good morning!
Nagano: Here he comes! Okada's awake! And with that, I'll be passing the baton!
Okada: Eh? I have to do it?
Nagano: Yeah, you have to go wake the next person up.

NagaOka: Good morning!
Okada: Yay!
Nagano: Yup! It's been a long time!
Okada: Indeed. And now...
Nagano: Mmhmm!
Okada: Who will it be?
Nagano: We still don't know.
Okada: But look! We've got a key!
Nagano: Shall we begin?
Okada: Will people even get this!?
Nagano: I know right? It's an entirely different generation!
Okada: Yeah... This is way too old-fashioned in this day and age, isn't it?
Nagano: This is so Showa era.
Narrator: Who will the next target be!?
Nagano: Shall we begin? The one thing we do know for sure is, we're gonna find an old geezer asleep in bed. It's open!
Okada: It's open! Shhh...
Inocchi: Mm? You gave me a shock! What's up?
Nagano: So early!!
Okada: This is way too early... Just what you'd expect... Just what you'd expect from Mr. Asaichi!
Inocchi: What are you guys up to?
Nagano: You're already awake!?
Okada: Just what you'd expect from Mr. Asaichi!
Nagano: I see... So even on off-days you still wake up at this time...
Inocchi: I already took a bath.
Nagano: Early... That's freaking early!!
Inocchi: I was just thinking of popping by the convenience store downstairs.
Nagano: You should have just gone!
Inocchi: Too close!! Too close!
Okada: This was a wake-up prank.
Nagano: But you were already awake...
Inocchi: Ah, if that's the case then I'm sorry...
Nagano: You ought to rest more on your off-days, or it's bad for us, too!
Inocchi: But I just naturally wake up...
Nagano: You do, huh?
Okada: Huh?
Inocchi: I'm really sorry... For upsetting the applecart like this...
Nagano: What's that? Alcohol?
Inocchi: Ah, this is the alcohol I bought yesterday.
Nagano: Alcohol? Seriously!? You know... It's 6:10am right now, but what time do you normally wake up?
Inocchi: I'd normally be out the door by now.
Okada: So early!
Nagano: Already out the door...!
Inocchi: 5am... Give or take... Is when I usually get up.
Nagano: Ah, so you'd usually take a bath to wake yourself up...
Inocchi: Yeah.
Nagano: And you're totally wide awake even at this time.
Inocchi: Wide awake, yes.

Inocchi: Good morning!
NagaOka: Good morning!
Nagano: You know, I was just talking about this with Okada-kun just now, but we figure there'd be a bunch of people who totally wouldn't get this.
Inocchi: Ah, would they? But for us, it was something we always wanted to try, wasn't it?
Nagano: It was!
Inocchi: Like, intruding into a fresh new idol's room... Using his toothbrush...
Nagano: I know, right!? But who knows? Maybe the one we'll be intruding on might have once been one of those fresh new idols!
Inocchi: You're right!
Narrator: And so! The three of them pull the next wake-up prank!
Okada: You made a noise...
Inocchi: I'm really bad at this, huh?
Nagano: Yeah, you made a noise.
Inocchi: Good morning~
Ken: What the hell...
Inocchi: Good morning~
Ken: You gave me a shock...
Inocchi: Good morning!
Ken: What do you want!?
Inocchi: Look over there!
Nagano: Is he awake? Ken-chan~
Ken: I don't wanna...
Inocchi: Over there... Say, "It was a big success!"
Ken: What the...
Inocchi: Look at the camera and say, "it was a big success."
Okada: Come on, please!
Inocchi: Here goes! 1, 2!
Ken: It was a big success...
Nagano: He said it, he said it.
Inocchi: You just keep on sleeping, k? We'll take a look around, k?
Nagano: He's kept it really clean. Even the bathtub is spotless.
Inocchi: Oh no, I haven't brushed my teeth...!
Okada: It's fine! You don't have to!
Nagano: Really!?
Okada: I totally do not want to see that between a bunch of ojisans.
Nagano: I know, right!? That was close...
Okada: You had this "I'm totally gonna do this" face, but... I really do NOT want to see you do it.
Narrator: They head back to the still-fast-asleep Miyake's side.
Nagano: Aren't you gonna get up, Ken-chan~?
Inocchi: Ken-chan.
Ken: Stop it, Inohara-kun! I'm in my underwear...
Inocchi: Ah, sorry, sorry!
Nagano: What, are you that hard up for cash? That you have to wear yellow underwear?
Inocchi: Copa? Did Dr. Copa tell you to wear it? (TN: Dr. Copa is a an architect, Shinto priest, and Japanese Feng shui expert)
Nagano: Did he also tell you stuff like, facing your butt to the west gives you better fortune?
Okada: I so would not want Dr. Copa to tell me something like that. So much for better economic fortune...
Inocchi: It's 6:30.
Nagano: Early, huh?
Inocchi: For starters, Ken-san...
Ken: Yeah?
Inocchi: Either wear some pants, or ditch your underwear... Which will it be?
Nagano: Will you ditch the underwear?
Inocchi: You gonna ditch the underwear?
Ken: I guess... I'll ditch the underwear.
Inocchi: That's awesome, you're in a good mood right from the get go!

All 4: Good morning!
Inocchi: Doing this with 4 people is really amazing, huh?
Nagano: It's such a big group!
Narrator: There are only 2 people left!
Inocchi: You're good at this!
Telop: Suppon skull
Ken: Shall we pull it off him?
Inocchi: Pull it off... Then what? Toss him in the air?
Okada: Let's toss him in the air. Let's toss him. But it's gonna be so noisy.
Inocchi: Yeah, it might be. 1, 2! His face... Eh? Are you Dankan-san? (TN: Dankan is an actor and director who kinda looks like what just-woken-up-Maa-kun looks like)
Nagano: Dankan-san...!
Inocchi: Isn't this Dankan-san!?
Nagano: Dankan-san...
Ken: Good morning! You look just like a cicada that just got caught! He looks like a cicada, doesn't he!?
Masa: You gave me such a shock...
Inocchi: I'm afraid for his heart!
Masa: I was soooo scared...

All 5: Good morning!
Inocchi: This has never been done before with such a big group, huh?
Nagano: Never before! Being woken up like this...
Ken: Wake-up pranks... A rarity these days.
Nagano: We're left with Morita-san.
Inocchi: Morita-san, huh? Shall we go?
V4: Let's go.
Masa: Which room was he in again?
Nagano: Number 3.
Okada: It's all dark.
Inocchi: He isn't waking up at all!
Ken: He isn't waking up at all!
Nagano: No response at all, this guy!
Masa: Why does this feel like all we did was for naught?
Inocchi: And here we were expecting a big reaction like Leader's.
Masa: I know, right?
Inocchi: Eh?
Masa: I'm like, stuck real tight to him right now.
Inocchi: This scene's real precious.
Masa: I am SOO embarrassed right now.
Ken: Leader and Go are...
Masa: Ah, he woke up!
Ken: Stuck to each other!
Go: Oh...
Ken: Amazing. What an uncle!
Go: It's so bright...!
Ken: What time? What time did you go to sleep?
Go: About 4am?
Nagano: 4am? Ah, so you didn't get much sleep last night.
Ken: That was just a while ago.
Go: Oh, everyone's here?
Ken: Yeah
Inocchi: All of us are here.
Go: I'm hungry...
Ken: That!? That's the first thing out of your mouth!?
Go: I've been so hungry since just now...
Inocchi: You can't have gone to sleep hungry, right? You look exactly like a stuntman.
Ken: A stuntman...!
Inocchi: He could appear on set anytime!
Ken: He does look like one!

Mission 02: V6 go fishing

Staff: Everyone, once again, good morning!
V6: Good morning!
Staff: This is the next mission.
Masa: Okay. Please heighten your concentration as you celebrate your 20th anniversary by catching a fish within the next 30 minutes.
Ken: Within the next 30 minutes?
Masa: What's that got to do with concentration?
Inocchi: Fishing is all about concentration, so...
Ken: Isn't it just luck?
Go: It isn't.
Masa: It's not about skill?
Inocchi: Concentration.
Nagano: It's concentration, right?
Inocchi: It's said to be all about the concentration.
Masa: Oh, really?
Nagano: In no time...
Inocchi: I'm sure at least one of us will be able to catch one in 30 minutes.
Go: It'll be fine.
Masa: Inohara, you've fished before, haven't you?
Inocchi: But I've only fished hera before. Herabuna. (TN: hera/herabuna = Japanese crucian carp, and they are fished using a special rod called a hera-zao instead of a conventional fishing rod)
Narrator: The only experienced angler is Inohara! Will they be able to fish anything?
Telop: Fishing, start!
Nagano: Will we ever get a bite?
Inocchi: Ah, I got one! HIT! Ah, it's getting away! Get me a net! A net!
Masa: A net... It can't be that big!
Ken: It ain't a tuna!
Inocchi: I give up. It got away. It got away... That was probably at least a 50...
Okada: I got one!
Masa: Okada! You got one!
Okada: I got one!
Inocchi: HIT!
Okada: Hit!!
Inocchi: Someone, give Okada a hand! Staff!
Masa: Okada's gonna get dragged away!
Ken: It's gonna get away again! It's gonna get away!
Nagano: It bounced!
Ken: Too close! Too close!
Nagano: Put this back here, and...
Ken: Eh? How do I...
Go: Should I pull it taut?
Nagano: Taut... Reel it in one more round.
Ken: Like this... (TN: Ken appears to be getting a tutorial from one of the staff in the background but I can only pick up a few words here and there)
Nagano: If you make it so taut...
Ken: Ah, I think I got one!
Nagano: Oh! Did you just get snagged on something?
Ken: Oh, maybe I just got snagged on something.
Nagano: What the hell.
Go: You're a real idiot, aren't you?
Ken: What the hell, it was just snagged on something...
Narrator: All the HITs early in the mission were nothing but snags... Never mind catching any fish, time was ticking away without a single interesting happening... Before they knew it, there were only 5 minutes left.
Nagano: Someone!
Ken: Someone, catch one!
Nagano: Someone, catch a fish!
Masa: Someone, help me put some bait on! Someone, help me put some bait on!
Go: Someone will just perform a miracle, right?
Ken: This is no good...
Nagano: Only 5 minutes left?
Inocchi: 5 minutes is more than enough!
Ken: Are you serious!?
Inocchi: Yeah.
Narrator: And finally, they were down to the last minute!
Nagano: One more minute!
Inocchi: It's about time to get serious!
Ken: Seriously? We've only got a minute to go.
Nagano: Can we fish anything?
Ken: We've only got a minute.
Nagano: We've been waiting, but can we really get a bite now?
Inocchi: The fishes are just about to get hooked, so...
Nagano: We're counting on you, Inohara!
Inocchi: Here goes! They're about to get hooked... About to eat the bait...
Nagano: He got snagged!
Go: It looks so light.
Nagano: Oh!
Staff: Time's up!!
Inocchi: I hooked the earth!!!!
Go: "I hooked the earth," he says...
Inocchi: I hooked the earth!!!!
Go: What an idiot! That guy is such an idiot!
Nagano: What a pity.
Inocchi: If only we had just another 2 more minutes! Time was a little too short...
Nagano: With just a little more time...
Masa: Well, it can't be helped, I guess.

Mission 03: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon

Staff: And now, the next mission. Here you go.
Ken: No one wants to take it.
Nagano: Cuz we just failed one.
Inocchi: We're still licking our wounds.
Nagano: Exactly.
Inocchi: To ensure that V6's explosive power doesn't wane as they grow older, please have a battle of Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon (TN: I think it's pretty obvious, but basically in Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon they play rock-paper-scissors, the winner gets to clobber the loser with the hammer but the loser also has a chance to block with the helmet. The winner only really wins if he gets a hit i.e. if the loser doesn't wear the helmet in time)
Nagano: Old-fashioned!
Inocchi: How nostalgic!
Nagano: Showa era!
Masa: Showa indeed!
Inocchi: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon...?
Nagano: I don't think I've ever played that!
Ken: Me neither...
Masa: I've played it at most 1-2 times?
Nagano: It isn't played much, huh?
Ken: I've never played...

Narrator: The first round will be Morita vs. Miyake!
Nagano: Don't get hurt!
Inocchi: You could possibly get hit with the helmet instead!
Go: Yeah, that's totally possible!
Nagano: Don't get hurt!
GoKen: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Nagano: So fast!!!
Inocchi: That was great! That was great! So quick!
Go: I won that round, didn't I?
Nagano: Without a doubt!
Go: Alright!
Ken: What? It's over already!?
Okada: It was totally an instant KO!

Narrator: Round 2, Sakamoto vs. Nagano!
Masa: Here goes...
SakaNaga: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Nagano: He hit me twice!
Go: So uncool!
Inocchi: "Kyukyu!"
Go: So uncool!
Inocchi: There was this "kyukyu" sound!
Okada: This is really moving fast!
Nagano: It is! It was over in just one match!
Go: Nagano-kun!!

Narrator: Round 3, Okada vs. Inohara!
Go: How much strength will you whack him with? That's scary!
Inocchi: Gimme a break, man!
Ken: He's a violent man!
Nagano: Better watch your neck!
Masa: Even if you win, you'd better just wear the helmet in case!
InoOka: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Nagano: He blocked it!
InoOka: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon! Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Masa: Put your head out! Put your head out!
Inocchi: Did I lose just now?
Masa: You lost just now!
Inocchi: I lost?
Nagano: You lost! Put your head out!
Masa: Put your head out!
Inocchi: Wait, wait... I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I just thought I'd get a hit in before getting hit! I mean, you should kill your assailant before you get killed, right?
Ken: That's the truth, the truth.

Narrator: The semi-finals: Morita vs. Sakamoto!
Masa: Here goes...
MasaGo: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Nagano: You were quick!
MasaGo: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Nagano: He wins. He wins.
Okada: He wins.
Ken: He wins.
Nagano: He got hit.

Narrator: The grand finals: Morita vs. Okada!
GoJun: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Inocchi: What the hell was that!? What the hell was that!?
Okada: He grabbed it from me!
Inocchi: One more time! One more time!
Nagano: One more time?
Inocchi: One more time, one more time.
Okada: Here goes.
GoJun: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Masa: You were hesitating too much!
Inocchi: Ok, ok, ok!
Masa: You were hesitating too much!
Go: This really feels like the grand finals, huh!
GoJun: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon! And again!
Masa: Hesitating too much again!
GoJun: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon! And again! And again!
Inocchi: Grab it! Grab it! Hurry up!
Go: Dammit!
Inocchi: Okada wins!

Narrator: The loser playoffs, Miyake vs. Nagano!
Nagano: Here goes.
NagaKen: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Nagano: Eh!? Why did you do that! And so hard too...
Inocchi: He looked like he was driving a nail in.
Nagano: So hard...
NagaKen: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Ken: I missed it!
Inocchi: You were staring at it the whole time.
Go: So close!
Nagano: Alright, that's more like it! It made this sounds like, "pasho!"

Narrator: The loser playoffs, Miyake vs. Inohara!
Inocchi: Alright, let's do this.
Masa: On your marks!
InoKen: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon!
Inocchi: What was this!? He barely...
Masa: Amazing...
Go: Who would you need to be up against in order to actually win?
Ken: Him.
Go: That guy!?
Nagano: That guy? Which one?

Also, I'm really stoked that Maa-kun will be guesting on eito's Kanjam! Probably to promote his solo concert - not that it needs any promotion since tickets sold like hotcakes. I read somewhere that WOWOW got a bunch of requests for them to cover his solo concert, and considering the number of new subscriptions they got because they aired the 11/1 concert, I hope they do it!

Current Music: V6 - 太陽のあたる場所
shikashitsujishikashitsuji on February 20th, 2016 03:55 am (UTC)
Hi there, nihonarashi has already been using my translations to make subtitles! I can't remember where she's gotten up to but I think she's probably up to date (as it's been a long time since I posted this lol).

Edited at 2016-02-20 03:56 am (UTC)
aznmedleyaznmedley on February 23rd, 2016 04:05 am (UTC)
Oh! I'll ask her then and go from there. Thank you!