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It's the 17th of May! Eh? (´ε`)


Perhaps there's something else hidden behind the image projected on TV, but for so many people to attest of his kindness and consideration, be it in the little gestures or the seemingly passing comments, I think it has to be at least genuine to a certain extent. And that's part of what makes Inocchi one of the few celebrities I admire and respect as people (and not just for their skill in acting/hosting/singing/etc). He may not be the most handsome, but he's an ikemen at heart - and that's what matters (imo). At the time of his debut in 1995, Inocchi said that his dream was to "become a good man and make those girls who laughed at (him) until now regret their actions," ... I think he's gone and done just that. I bet a bunch of them are even his fans and watch him every day on Asaichi now, envying Seto Asaka all the while ^^

Anyway! Moving on to the SVb translations... I'm going to jumble up the order a little cuz there are too many lines I can't hear (because they talk over each other too much!) in the previous 2 missions, and because... Ken mentions Inocchi's birthday in misson 6 XD Although it's about the fact that he CAN'T remember Inocchi's birthday, lol. I suppose this year they probably celebrated together though, since they spent most of yesterday together filming for various shows (according to the latest staff memo) ^^ And then that evening Go-kun goes and drops that bomb on Shabekuri007 when he says he "hates" everyone in V6 except Nagano and Okada.

Mission 06: Confessions
For some reason, I just can't remember Inohara-kun's birthday.Collapse )

Mission 07: Trick Shots
It's just a bunch of middle-aged uncles lazing around.Collapse )

So I guess that leaves me with half the DVD left to go (Missions 4-5, 8-10) :3 And I should probably get back to my work, so that may mean no updates for a while again ^^; I've a one-track mind so in order to translate I've had to push all my work/studying to the back burner ugh those deadlines...

Till then!

おとなになるには どれくらいのわかれと
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Looks like I've been MIA for a couple of months ^^; I've not fallen out of the fandom, I'm still very much in it, but I've not had much time for translating or subbing. At the start of the year I moved to a new work place, which has been more hectic and tiring, plus has longer working hours than where I was working before. I also started reading up a little for a professional qualification exam that'll be at the end of the year. In short, I've been busy with IRL, and am likely to get busier from here on out.

I do intend to finish the SVb extras, and hopefully the V6 20th anniversary concert as well if I can, but I'll (continue to) take things at a snail's pace. I am working on the Amazipang GeI SP part II now, but Aegisub KEEPS CRASHING ON ME - there seems to be an issue with certain parts of the video, so whenever I want to time/style the subs for that part of the video, it'll crash. It's been very annoying, but I'm working on using a workaround method which is less accurate, so expect that certain lines may not be timed or positioned as properly as they ought to be when I finally get to release it :/ But I promise it will be done.

Meanwhile, here are transcribed, unofficial lyrics to the new songs off V6's upcoming single, "Beautiful World." It's been a while since we've had new Tonisen/Kamisen songs so I'm looking forward to "Fuwaku (Tonisen)" and "Telepathy (Kamisen)" ^^ Also highly amused by the title of Tonisen's song, which literally means "without a doubt/following the right course" and also means "past 40" XD Which is, of course, the age all of Tonisen will be come 17 May 2016 (Inocchi's 40th birthday (´ε`)).

Beautiful World: I thought I heard the voice of the sunCollapse )

by your side: I wonder if I can remain unchanging in that future of yours?Collapse )

With any luck, I'll be able to bring you the Amazipang GeI SP part II subs sometime in the not-too-far future ^^
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28 February 2016 @ 07:17 pm
So... I might be late to the party but I only just recently discovered the joy of using a shopping proxy service to buy things from Japan. For those who, like me, were living under a rock, hopefully this little review thingy will be of some revelation and help.

Anyway, after quite a bit of research, comparing prices, and reading reviews online, I decided to go with a service called "FromJapan" (hereon, "FJ") when ordering V6's latest DVD. Why did I decide to use a proxy at all?

1) My purchase counts towards the Oricon Rankings! Although the usual sites where foreign fans purchase their CDs and DVDs are all Oricon participating stores, Oricon does not count purchases that are sent to non-Japanese addresses. Since I'm using a Japanese middleman with a Japanese address, my purchase is counted by Oricon. We all know it's not all that important, but neither can we deny that joy when our favourite artiste/group ranks #1 on the charts.

2) Many Japanese online stores that only ship to Japanese addresses have big discounts - up to 26%. This discount can potentially more than offset the extra charges you pay for the proxy service.

How Does It Work?Collapse )

How Much does it Cost?Collapse )

So yeah, I'll probably be using this method again when I next buy a CD/DVD ^^ I suppose I don't need to cross my fingers for a DVD of Arashi's arena tour, but I'll definitely be keeping them crossed for a V6 album this year.
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Has everyone seen the jacket covers for the DVDs? The RE covers are SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. I pre-ordered both LE A&B, but now I'm seriously considering getting the blu-ray, in part becaue the staff memo on the avex site said that it uses some technology that V6 is the first to use in Japan, but mostly because the cover is so damn sexy. But. My hard-earned money... T^T

Anyway, while I deliberate about whether or not to part with an additional 5,800 yen... Here are the first 3 missions from the second SVb DVD, "from now"!

Mission 01: Wake-up Pranks
Stop it, Inohara-kun! I'm in my underwear...Collapse )

Mission 02: V6 go fishing
I hooked the earth!!!Collapse )

Mission 03: Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon
I mean, you should kill your assailant before you get killed, right?Collapse )

Also, I'm really stoked that Maa-kun will be guesting on eito's Kanjam! Probably to promote his solo concert - not that it needs any promotion since tickets sold like hotcakes. I read somewhere that WOWOW got a bunch of requests for them to cover his solo concert, and considering the number of new subscriptions they got because they aired the 11/1 concert, I hope they do it!

Current Music: V6 - 太陽のあたる場所
I can't believe it's taken me slightly over 4 months to complete just one DVD, but I guess that just goes to show how slow I am as a translator, lol. Let's hope I don't take that long to finish the next DVD, because their "since 1995~forever" DVD is coming out next month and I'm sure to get distracted :/ Not to mention my backlog of variety shows XD

On the bright side, I actually accidentally started translating part of the "from now" DVD before doing these last two "until now" missions, so the next instalment shouldn't be too far away.

Also, I forgot how much I dislike it when everyone's talking over each other and I have to rewind one part 9586 times just to figure out what each person is saying exactly. So if there are missing lines I probably gave up.

Mission 09 & 10
This is the cumulative result of the past 20 years!Collapse )

Till next time!

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23 December 2015 @ 07:15 pm
I'll be honest and say I've yet to touch the second half of the second Amazipang! GeI SP episode since the last time I mentioned it (oh, about 5 weeks ago). I'm capricious like that. But I'm sure you'll enjoy this not-so-short translation I'm bringing to you right now, so please forgive me on that account :3 Also, subs for NONSTOP! (17/12/2015) will be uploaded to v6_unlimited when I'm done with them (soon).

Ohayou Call! (15/12/2015)
Hop, Step, V6!Collapse )

(●●)(^▽^・)(´ε`) Merry Christmas! (仝_仝:)(・△・)(゚ー゚)
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Apologies for the lack of updates. The leak has been fixed and I'm back home, but it's been a pretty hectic time what with Christmas just around the corner! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I went to the Japanese Association in my area and had this conversation with a Japanese obasan who looked to be in her 50s-

Lady: What do you like about Japan?
Me: (talks about anime, manga, doramas etc) ... And I'm also a fan of V6 and Arashi.
Lady: Ah, V6? I like V6 too! Let me guess... Inocchi?
Me: !!!! *___* YES, INOCCHI!

I was rather surprised because whenever I mention that I like "V6 and Arashi*, the topic always ends up going in the direction of Arashi. Obviously, since they're more popular and well-known. I'm happy enough talking about either group, but happier when I get to talk about V6 since that's so freaking rare. And not to mention, Inocchi and not Okada!? Not Ken or Go!? That's something. It was only later that I realized that it's probably because NHK is actually available here in my country (as a paid subscription) XD Asaichi power.

Mission 07: Inocchi's Solo Interview
Once we're together, all of us become spoilt brats.Collapse )

Mission 08: Okada's Solo Interview
They're my big brothers whom I care a lot about.Collapse )

And with that, I'm done with the solo interviews \o/ I'm sorry I'm so slow at translating ^^;

Also seriously guys, these past few weeks, what with the WOWOW concert broadcast (6 Dec), Ohayou Call! (15 Dec), FNS (16 Dec), NON-STOP! (17 Dec), Hello from Studio Park (21 Dec)... I've been a very, very happy fangirl <3 I am, however, a little disappointed that it appears that Ken wasn't invited to appear on VS Arashi for their 2016 New Year SP ;_;

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29 November 2015 @ 09:59 pm
As some of you may know if you saw my Amazipang subs on v6_unlimited, I had to move out of my house because there was a major leak and the house flooded. Just reporting that I'm alive and mostly well (: I'm still staying at a relative's now, and will be for an indefinite time, and have neither my computer nor a decent internet connection. My laptop can't really connect at all, though my phone and iPad seem fine, for some reason...

Current active subbing/translating projects (SVb DVD extras, Amazipang GeI special part II) will kinda be on hold till I can move home. If my laptop is obedient I might be able to work on SVb, but until I get a decent internet connection I definitely won't be able to work on Amazipang as I don't have the video file (had been translating off a streaming site before the flood).

Anyway, just some random musings and translations:

1. Congratulations on being appointed as Kouhaku MC, Inocchi! \o/
I finally get to officially celebrate!!!! I am soooo happy for him and am soooo happy that the only negative comments that I see floating around about the fact that he's the MC is stuff like, "V6 only gets to be on Kouhaku because they are the barter for Inocchi." I disagree with that though, as V6 had a really good year this year as artistes and SVb is ranked in the top 20 albums of the year. Perhaps they won't get to be on Kouhaku again next year if they can't keep it up, but I'll just enjoy the fact that they *are* on again this year, especially after all Maa-kun and the rest said about 2014 being their "first and last" year on Kouhaku. Though if you're gonna kick V6 off next year then please kick SexyZone off too.

Read more...Collapse )

2. Ken talked about LoveCen on his radio show! (23 November 2015)
Looks like I guessed right about who he's having a love affair with XD Also, he seems to be really into the game and all its fortnightly events and shit. He also talks about how embarrassing this game is for him.

Read more...Collapse )

3. Best Artist 2015
V6's backflips on Best Artist were simply amazing. These 6 ojisans constantly amaze me. Ken talked about having a bad cold on his j-web but thankfully he looked okay and still managed a beautiful backflip. But I guess the biggest surprise that night was Junno. Junno was my favourite KAT-TUN member so I'm sad to see him go, especially right before their 10th anniversary... But this just makes me all the more grateful that my 2 favourite groups haven't lost a single member, and have continued that way for all of 20 (V6) and 16 (Arashi) years. Please don't ever change <3

On a side note, Ticket.co.jp no longer accepts international credit cards, which really sucks for us international fans. I guess it's back to using agents and proxies once again... I can't update my pictorial guide because of the above mentioned repeated crashing (and my iPad can't handle the size of the pictorial guide post) but will do so at a later date.
Has it already been more than 2 months since I last did a SVb translation!? Gosh. Clearly, I've gotten seriously sidetracked by a bunch of other things such as Toshokan Sensou's SP drama (it was Okada + Eikura Nana + Tanaka Kei + Matsuzaka Toori... I couldn't help myself), Inocchi's guesting on TOKIO's Tetsuwan DASH, and finishing up Risk no Kamisama. I also went overseas twice (once to see V6 in Nagoya <3 *__* and yes I'm still in withdrawal. help.)

Anyway! Enough preamble.

Mission 05: Nagano's Solo Interview
V6 will probably be a special existence inside my heart right until I draw my dying breath.Collapse )

Mission 06: Ken's Solo Interview
If I had to say something... I'm a hindrance to business.Collapse )

Speaking of Kouhaku, I need an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about Inocchi being appointed as the White Team Moderator. I refuse to celebrate until then, JUST IN CASE. Because so many reports initially only put it as "内定" (unofficial offer/tentative decision), and Nikkan Sports isn't the most reliable news source, and not to mention that every year since Asaichi started his name has been coming up and I get my hopes up and they get dashed so yeah. JUST STOP PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS AND GIVE ME AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT NOW KTHXBYE.

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I'm a day late but...


Words cannot express how much I love these 6 ojisans.

But still, this is going to be crazy long because (as you know if you’ve read any of my previous posts) I am terribly verbose XD This is really more for me to relive and remember one of the most surreal 3 hours of my life, but if you have fun reading it that's great too ^^

The day before... (V6 in Nagoya concert day 1)Collapse )

Concert day! \o/Collapse )

Concert: inside the hall, V-MikujiCollapse )

Concert: stage set-upCollapse )

Concert: OpeningCollapse )

Concert: Mini MC/greetingsCollapse )

Concert: Part 2Collapse )

Concert: Kamisen MCCollapse )

Concert: Part 3Collapse )

Concert: Main MCCollapse )

Concert: 39 Symphony (VTR 1 + Movements 1-2)Collapse )

Concert: 39 Symphony (VTR 2 + Movements 3-5)Collapse )

Concert: 39 Symphony (VTR 3 + Movement 6)Collapse )

Concert: Farewell MC + ~Koko Kara~Collapse )

Concert: Encores, goodbye kissCollapse )

I really can’t wait for the con DVD *__* Meanwhile, imma go watch all their concert DVDs again... Ugh. Why do I love 6 ojisans with an average age of 39 this much T__T
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