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10 January 2016 @ 09:28 pm
V6 - SUPER Very best (LE A) - ~Project: 6-man training camp~ Until Now - MISSION 09-10  
I can't believe it's taken me slightly over 4 months to complete just one DVD, but I guess that just goes to show how slow I am as a translator, lol. Let's hope I don't take that long to finish the next DVD, because their "since 1995~forever" DVD is coming out next month and I'm sure to get distracted :/ Not to mention my backlog of variety shows XD

On the bright side, I actually accidentally started translating part of the "from now" DVD before doing these last two "until now" missions, so the next instalment shouldn't be too far away.

Also, I forgot how much I dislike it when everyone's talking over each other and I have to rewind one part 9586 times just to figure out what each person is saying exactly. So if there are missing lines I probably gave up.

Mission 09 & 10

Narrator: It's been 6 hours since they started writing their anniversary song! They've still not finished writing, so they'll have to keep going. And then...
Telop: Writing the new song / 6 hours have passed
Ken: So? We're gonna bring this home to continue?
Nagano: Yeah, let's bring it home...
Inocchi: Let's bring it home!
Ken: Can we bring it home to continue?
Inocchi: What, there's more!?
Okada: We've got a mission. Here goes. Mission 9. Just like the bond between the 6 of you, it's said that Suppon (TN: soft shelled turtle) will never let go once they sink their teeth into something! Please go and have a meal of Hamamatsu's famous Suppon.
Ken: Wow!
Inocchi: Eh? Can we?
Masa: Eh? Can we? We're going to eat?
Okada: But! You'll have to find your own restaurant and get your own permission for filming in their premises.
Ken: Oh, we've got someone in charge of that already, don't we?
Masa: Do you have a good place in mind?
Nagano: Hamamatsu's Suppon is really famous, right?
Go: In that case...
Ken: We'll leave it to you, Nagano-kun!
Okada: I thought it was Unagi? (TN: Hamamatsu is also famous for unagi)
Narrator: Nagano wastes no time in negotiating with a restaurant that sells Hamamatsu's famous Suppon! He gets the green light for them to film as just the 6 of them have their meal!
Telop: Nagano negotiates with a restaurant that sells Hamamatsu's famous Suppon and gets the green light for them to film as the 6 of them have their meal!
Inocchi: Eh? Did it go OK?

Telop: Japanese Cuisine Suppon Shigematsu
Masa: It's our 20th anniversary!
Nagano: 20th anniversary!
Masa: Let's do our best for our 20th anniversary!
V6: Cheers!
Ken: This is great, huh?
Nagano: Isn't it?
Inocchi: This is delicious! Super high class.
Masa: We can't just let this end on a scene like this, can we? Right?
Ken: Yum!
Masa: When we first debuted... The only one who could drink was me, right?
Ken: Ah, thank you.
Nagano: Ah, because I don't drink, right?
Masa: And Inohara was only 19 then.
Inocchi: We were living in a dorm then, weren't we?
Nagano: Yeah.
Inocchi: You know, I'm only going to say this now... I think Okada was probably sleeping then? So I was with Ken and Go in the dorm... And Sakamoto-kun and Nagano-kun had gone off to drink with some friends or something. So they weren't around. I was pretty bummed that they didn't bring me along... So I kept complaining to the other two. "Why didn't they bring me along for something as big as this?"
Masa: Could it be... Was that when it happened? Umm... The closing party for "V no Honoo?"
Inocchi: Ohhh, was that it?
Masa: Only Nagano-kun and I attended.
Go: Oh, was it?
Nagano: What? An age issue?
Inocchi: Yeah, cuz I was still 19.
Nagano: Ah, I see.
Inocchi: And so I... I just kept complaining about the two of you older ones to the two of them, and in the middle of it, the two of them suddenly said, "let's have them come out then! Here come Sakamoto-kun and Nagano-kun!" I thought it was for real and my mind just went blank. Of course it was a lie, but my mind really just went blank right there and then. I was like, "cut it out, you two!"
Masa: That's the kind of shit you'd pull when you were a junior!
Nagano: Exactly!
Telop: Concentrating on eating
Inocchi: I was like, "cut it out!" Hey, you! Stop being so focused on your food!
Masa: You've almost finished your whole plate!
Inocchi: Why're you eating at a time like this!
Masa: The Okada from back then has gotten real classy, huh? He's drinking sake, man!
Inocchi: I know, right?
Nagano: He just suddenly started drinking sake.
Masa: Sake all of a sudden!
Inocchi: I think Okada is probably the most able to hold his alcohol out of us all.
Nagano: Right now.
Okada: I mean, I'm already a 34-year-old ojisan, you know?
Narrator: Next up, the topic moved on to how they settled the bill when some of the members went out to eat while in Korea.
Inocchi: We went for a drink...
Nagano: I remember being treated by Go.
Inocchi: Go! That's right!
Go: Oh yeah, I did.
Nagano: Go treated us!
Okada: He was like, "boss!"
Nagano: Yeah, "boss!"
Go: At the first restaurant we went to, Inohara-kun treated us.
Inocchi: Oh, did I?
Go: At the next restaurant, the order was a little jumbled up, but it should have been Nagano-kun next, right? But he just pretended to be asleep. This guy.
Ken: Oh! I heard about this! I heard about this! In the car Nagano-kun was just sleeping like this, even though the rest were all shaking him really violently and going, "Nagano-kun! Nagano-kun!"
Go: He just refused to wake up!
Ken: He refused to get up!
Inocchi: Up to 5 minutes before that he was totally having a high time making merry with the rest of us, and yet...
Go: When it came to the time to pay for the bill...
Nagano: I got sleepy!
Inocchi: Sleepy...
Masa: You got sleepy when it was time to pay the bill, huh?
Nagano: Yeah, like...
Ken: Something like that actually happened...
Okada: It's a legendary story.
Ken: Ninja arts: Pretending to be asleep
Inocchi: But hey, don't we have anything else other than old stories? About the 6 of us... This past 20 years.
Okada: Yeah...
Inocchi: Ah, what about the cellphone number issue? Like, you know. There're members whose numbers you don't have, right? I mean, regardless of whether you'd ever actually dial it. Whose number do you have? Whose number don't you have?
Ken: Lately I've been calling Okada quite a bit...
Masa: Did anyone change numbers?
Inocchi: Right! I... What was it. I sent you a text on your birthday.
Go: You did? Ah, but I sent you something after I changed my number... Umm, what was it... Ah! I got a hammock from you for my birthday, and I thought I should say thanks... I guess I probably sent a text? But... There was no response so...
Inocchi: This was last year, right?
Go: I was like, "what the hell is up with that bastard?"
Nagano: Even though you were thanking him!
Go: "I'm never gonna thank him ever again!" And that was the end of it.
Inocchi: For real!? If I remember correctly, we all exchanged numbers during our 10th anniversary.
Go: We did.
Nagano: Yeah.
Inocchi: Right?
Okada: The only person I ever get texts from is Inocchi.
Inocchi: Oh, really?
Ken: I texted Okada when he attended the Academy Awards ceremony recently.
Inocchi: You did?
Okada: Ah, he did, he did, he did! Ah, Ken-kun...!
Go: You forgot!?
Nagano: That guy is terrible!
Ken: He sucks! He totally forgot!
Masa: Are you sure this is okay? It's our 20th anniversary!
Ken: You know, I was just thinking when he'd bring up the text I sent. I was waiting all this while, and he'd actually forgotten all about it!
Okada: Ken-kun sent me a text, he did.
Masa: That reaction...
Inocchi: You're all red!
Okada: I was like, "OH YEAH!" He did send me one, he did.
Inocchi: How was the Suppon?
Ken: Yummy!
Nagano: It was! Isn't it kinda over the top?
Inocchi: It is, huh.
Nagano: Yeah.
Inocchi: Ken could have done with just a hamburger.
Okada: You never change, do you, Ken-kun?
Inocchi: He doesn't. Ken never changes. Do you let your juniors treat you?
Ken: Juniors? Who are you talking about?
Inocchi: Like, when you go out for a meal with people younger than you, do you pick up the tab?
Okada: When Kamisen goes to a curry restaurants or whatever, I get forced to foot the bill.
Ken: That was ages ago! Right!? It was so long ago!
Go: I usually don't bring my wallet with me when I go out.
Okada: So he was like, "I don't have my wallet..."
Ken: But on the day that happened, you did have your wallet with you, right?
Go: I did.
Inocchi: You know, about that... It's like, it becomes a joke of sorts. Like, right when it's time to get the bill, going all, "Eh!?" and "Oh crap, I didn't bring my wallet!" I mean, I was totally intending to pay already, you know, since I'm older. I was already going to pay, but they always put on that act no matter what. That happened a lot at the start, right?
Nagano: That act, huh?
Ken: No, that was just our way of creating some material for our MCs!
Masa: To draw laughs, huh?
Ken: Yeah.
Staff: And now, we'd like to go on to our last mission.
Inocchi: Eh? Paying the bill?
Staff: Here's the last mission...
Masa: So scary!
Ken: That's gotta be it! That's gotta be it!
Masa: Let's not!
Nagano: Like rock-paper-scissors...
Inocchi: Deciding who will pay with rock-paper-scissors...
Nagano: I don't like this...
Go: Nagano-kun, you look at it.
Nagano: Me? Eh...
Ken: Nagano-kun, you better not pretend to sleep!
Nagano: So scary!

Nagano: Ah, so scary!
Ken: Nagano-kun, don't pretend to sleep again!
Nagano: One of the members, please pay the bill...
V6: There it is!
Masa: No wonder the staff all looked so carefree!
Nagano: I knew it!
Ken: I mean, it's gotta be quite...
Inocchi: I knew it was coming...!
Nagano: In the first place, we never asked for that order to go eat Suppon!
Inocchi: Yeah!
Nagano: We could have gone to eat something else!
Inocchi: But because this place was said to be good?
Nagano: Yeah, it was...
Go: Nagano-kun should pay!
Nagano: No, no, the mission says... The mission!
Inocchi: Nagano-kun, regardless, you chose to eat here so...
Go: It was Nagano-kun who called the restaurant...
Inocchi: Yeah! We didn't have any say! If you hadn't done that...
Nagano: No, no, that's way off! That's way off!
Ken: Since he pretended to be asleep in Korea, now...
Nagano: Korea?
Ken: Yeah.
Inocchi: It's come back to you since you didn't pay then!
Ken: Because you pretended to be asleep!
V5: EH!?
Ken: You gonna pretend to be asleep again!?
Go: Out comes the "pretend to be asleep" technique again!
Ken: Despite his age!
Inocchi: That weasel!
Nagano: Without knowing the amount...
Inocchi: We're Japanese so I guess it's gotta be rock-paper-scissors, right?
Masa: Rather than this messy blame game, let's decide it in one fell swoop.
Inocchi: So what will it be? Are we gonna look at the amount first?
Nagano: Shall we look... Not look?
Masa: Let's do it without looking at the bill.
Inocchi: Okay, let's not look!
Okada: I'm totally okay with paying, but... Is that really okay (with the older ones)!?
Go: Right?
Okada: Yeah. If you think about it...
Inocchi: On the contrary...
Okada: I mean, I'm an adult myself so I'm totally okay with paying.
Inocchi: But because you're with your seniors...
Okada: Because I'm with my seniors... And this whole philosophy of not letting my juniors or anyone younger than me pay...
Inocchi: You've always practiced that, right?
Okada: Inocchi was the one who...
Go: What kind of face is he making? I'm super interested to know what kind of expression he's wearing as he listens to this.
Okada: This whole "don't let your juniors pay" philosophy...
Ken: This is SOOO funny!
Okada: ... Was what I learnt from Inocchi and Sakamoto-kun. Ever since I was in my teens, I was taught this "don't let your juniors pay" philosophy, and they'd say, "you make sure you treat your juniors the same way, too."
Ken: They did say that.
Okada: And I was like, "ah, I see."
Inocchi: I... Well, I can't say anything in response, so I hope Leader will say something.
Masa: Yeah. Rock-paper-scissors, anyone?
Inocchi: Okay, let's do this, everyone!
Go: Count me out.
Inocchi: Eh!? Count you out!?
Ken: What a trick to pull!
Inocchi: So you're going to pay, then?
Ken: What are you trying to pull?
Go: No, I'm not going to pay yet.
Ken: Not going to pay yet?
Nagano: Not going to pay yet?
Inocchi: If you don't participate, that equates to losing right off the bat.
Ken: Not participating is losing.
Inocchi: Losing, you know! If you want to pay, then just don't participate.
Go: Is that so? Eh? You guys don't wanna pay? I want to pay.
Inocchi: Oh, in that case, I guess he's not participating?
Ken: He's not participating!
Inocchi: Let's start then!
Inocchi: Exactly!
Go: It was all a matter of time!
Inocchi: Rock, paper, scissors!
V5: You totally don't wanna pay!
Ken: You totally don't wanna pay!
V6: Rock, paper, scissors!
V6: Rock, paper, scissors!
Nagano: What the...
Go: So it's between the three of us...
Ken: Yay!
Inocchi: We're the "nice people trio!"
Go: Totally!
Ken: No, it's got nothing to do with being nice! You three just lost at rock-paper-scissors!
Nagano: The nice people always lose, huh~
Inocchi: They do, huh... Rock, paper, scissors!
Ken: It's Nagano-kun!
Telop: It's decided! Nagano will pay the bill!
Nagano: What the hell!
Ken: That's gotta be what it is. This is the cumulative result of the past 20 years!
Inocchi: That's exactly right!
Go: It was all a matter of time!
Inocchi: You should have just paid back then in Korea!
Ken: You should have paid back then!
Nagano: But I was sleepy!
Go: That's how things work, I guess!
Ken: God is watching!
Inocchi: Wow. How much is it?
Nagano: Let's have Go have a look.
Ken: Go, have a look.
Go: Oh...
Telop: Expensive
Nagano: What's with that "oh...!?"
Inocchi: Oh...
Nagano: Can I look? Oh...
V5: Thanks for the treat!
Nagano: You're welcome!
Narrator: And so, Nagano footed the bill, and the mission was safely cleared!

Till next time!

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zero to goal: inocchinihonarashi on January 10th, 2016 02:51 pm (UTC)
yayy otsukaresamadeshita :)
really really thank you for your hardwork and you kindness for letting me use your translation ><
i also looking forward for their con dvd x3
wanna see the whole concert and behind the stage fufufu
anik_chananik_chan on January 10th, 2016 03:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you for translation! They are so funny and I may feel the bond between all of them. It's amazing! So many years together and they behave like brothers.