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23 December 2015 @ 07:15 pm
Ohayou Call! (15/12/2015 - V6)  
I'll be honest and say I've yet to touch the second half of the second Amazipang! GeI SP episode since the last time I mentioned it (oh, about 5 weeks ago). I'm capricious like that. But I'm sure you'll enjoy this not-so-short translation I'm bringing to you right now, so please forgive me on that account :3 Also, subs for NONSTOP! (17/12/2015) will be uploaded to v6_unlimited when I'm done with them (soon).

Ohayou Call! (15/12/2015)

Saitou: All 6 members of the national idol group that celebrated their 20th anniversary this year make an appearance! Don't worry! They may all be in the "around-40" age group, but they're totally not ojisan-like at all! And so! On this week's "Ohayou Call!" (TN: Good Morning Call!), we're having a week-long year-end special! We're on to the second part of our "Entertainment Industry: Faces of the Year Special!" Truly, this is the most extravagant guest we could have! You could even say that they realized the greatest number of miracles of anyone this year!
Yamazaki: Indeed!
Saitou: V6 at full strength! Yamazaki-san went to interview them!
Yamazaki: I was really so happy! That's right, V6 celebrated their 20th anniversary this year, but to see all of them gathered at once! It wasn't easy, but they kindly gathered just for us here at "Call!"
Saitou: Indeed. And so without further ado, let's get rolling!
Saitou/Yamazaki: Entertainment special!

Yamazaki: That group, one of the "Faces of the Year," are said to be right here in this very studio! There they are! It's the members of V6! Thank you! Thank you for coming despite your busy schedules!
Inocchi: Not at all! On the contrary... Thank you for coming all this way!
Yamazaki: I ask for your favour today!
V6: Our pleasure!
Yamazaki: That's right! "Faces of the Year," file number 2 is V6! The 6 of them are super busy, so it's really precious to have all of them here with us at once! It's been 20 years since their debut in 1995. We, too, at "Ohayou Call!" have been around for 20 years. The two entities celebrating their 20th anniversaries managed to realize this special collaboration interview! It's your 20th anniversary, but looking back on the year, what kind of year was it?
Inocchi: Well, we did a concert, and our friends came to watch, as did our long-time fans, so in a sense... We felt really loved, and we're grateful for it.
Yamazaki: Love, huh?
Inocchi: Yup. We really felt the love of everyone.

Yamazaki: It was a year where they once again felt the love of their fans. 200,000 fans came for their nationwide tour, and at the final concert held on their actual debut anniversary of November 1st...
Okada: There was a really warm atmosphere as the people who came to watch congratulated us, and somehow, as soon as the curtains rose we were greeted by an entirely different atmosphere than usual. It felt like, "warmth." We were the ones who felt encouraged by it.
Yamazaki: And it was really great that you all got to celebrate once again at the very same place, and on your actual anniversary, wasn't it?
Go: When we first debuted, the 6 of us saw that scenery. 20 years later, the 6 of us got to see that exact same scenery once again. That was something that really moved me.

Saitou: "That place" refers to the Yoyogi First Gymnasium in Tokyo. 20 years ago, it was here that V6 began their story.
Yamazaki: I was watching you guys, too, 20 years ago.
Go: Really?
Yamazaki: On your debut day, I saw you all practicing from offstage. Back then, I thought to myself, "I can't believe these kids can dance like that!"
Inocchi: You came on the most important of dates to us!
Yamazaki: Somehow or another...
Inocchi: It's as if you've come along on this journey with us all this while.
Yamazaki: I did! For 20 years!
Inocchi: Right? You're like our 7th member!
Yamazaki: Although I can't dance!

Saitou: Yamazaki-san has been handling all of V6's interviews for the past 20 years ever since their debut. Let's leave aside the question of exactly how long she's been a reporter, and hear what Yamazaki-san thinks of them!
Yamazaki: Your dancing hasn't changed since the time when you first debuted. You really danced a lot, didn't you?
Go: We did.
Masa: We did.
Yamazaki: Are your joints okay?
Inocchi: They're surprisingly okay, aren't they? Our movements and dances haven't changed since before, but we really made a lot of unnecessary movements back then.
Masa: Because we were so lively then.
Inocchi: We just move the shortest distance possible now.
Yamazaki: So you're more skilled now?
Inocchi: Nah, we're just more energy-saving now.

Saitou: Furthermore, at the end of their tour, a certain surprise had been prepared for them!
Yamazaki: That shower of ribbons with messages from the fans? How was it?
Go: We were really surprised.
Saitou: Over 20,000 ribbons fluttered down upon the stage. That's right! On each and every one of those ribbons was a handwritten message from their fans. Surely, THIS is love, exemplified.
Ken: To feel those boundless feelings from so many people like that, really made me overcome with emotion. As for how the rest felt, everyone had tears in their eyes.
Yamazaki: They did, huh?
Ken: They did, all of them.
Nagano: It really touched me deeply.
Inocchi: Did it?
Ken: Nagano-kun was totally tearing up, too.
Yamazaki: I see...
Go: Eh~
Ken: Eh? You weren't any better!
Yamazaki: Yeah, I got the feeling Go-kun cried quite a bit, too.
Go: Oh, really? I don't really remember.
Inocchi: Eh? Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago!?

Inocchi: You know when you get bouquets of flowers when you're doing dramas? Sometimes only the top part is real and the rest of it is fake? So when all of them came raining down on us like that, I was wondering if maybe some of them were actually printed messages, but when I looked at them, every single one of them was handwritten. That made me really happy.
Yamazaki: I'm sure.

Saitou: 20 years later, their bond with their fans hasn't changed. What about between the members these past 20 years?
Yamazaki: The fact that you were able to continue for 20 years, is there anything like... "this is the reason why we...?"
Okada: What is it...
Inocchi: I guess... Leader... Somehow, I think his existence was something really important.
Yamazaki: Leader's existence.
Masa: Hmmm!?
Inocchi: Did I say too much...?
Masa: You shouldn't have said that second part! Say that when we're back in our green room!

Saitou: This Sakamoto-san is a member of the big brother group "Tonisen," while "Kamisen" makes up the little brother group. V6 is made up of these two units. Between them, there was apparently an invisible wall.
Go: The age gap is 10 years, after all, so I guess it should be expected. But somehow, at some point, that wall disappeared. And from there, we were able to somehow, naturally, become one single group.
Inocchi: And Okada, too, in the process of growing up... Well, he says it a lot himself, like, "I was in a rebellious phase back then." You did have such a phase, didn't you?
Okada: Yeah... I did.
Yamazaki: Approximately how many years after your debut was this?
Okada: About 10 years. For 10 years.. I was a proper idol... And I figured that as I became respected as an actor over the course of the next 10 years, it was a good thing for both the group and for Johnny's as a whole. So for 10 years... For 10 years from the time I was 25, I guess I was in this rebellious phase the entire time.
Yamazaki: In what way did you rebel?
Okada: You know, like, not talking...
Yamazaki: Eh? And what did the members do then?
Okada: Well, they just warmly watched over me.
Yamazaki: Eh!
Okada: Looking back on it now... I really think that they watched over me with such warmth.
Yamazaki: That's really great!
Okada: It is. They really are very kind. They're my kind older brothers.

Saitou: Having overcome such difficulties over the past 20 years, the members all entered into the "around-40" age group and could well be called ojisans. Even so, they are able to keep going as idols. There's a reason for that!
Inocchi: I guess it's because the population of idols is really small in Japan... The idol population...
Ken: What do you mean!?
Inocchi: I mean...
Go: No, I get what he means!
Inocchi: You do, right? There really are very few idols around, so it's good to stay as an idol.
Nagano: If one is able to, that is!
Yamazaki: If one is able to...
Inocchi: So as long as we're able to, we should.
Masa: If everyone will let us, that is!
Inocchi: If everyone will let us.
Yamazaki: Ah, so you're saying it's a matter of whether or not everyone will let you continue as an idol or not? Is there something that you think, "idols should be like this," in your opinion?
Inocchi: Yeah. Umm... Is there?
Okada: So there isn't...!
Ken: There isn't, huh...!
Saitou: After the commercial break, we have an unreasonable activity prepared for V6! Who would have thought! That the members would do THAT!?

Saitou: For the fourth day running this week, "Faces of the Year Special!" Please watch the continuation of the super extravagant interview with V6! In the second half, there's a special collaboration activity with "Ohayou Call!" as both parties celebrate their 20th anniversary this year! We've got some questions we really want to ask V6, so we've got 6 cards! What exactly is written on each card? Let's have them open them up simultaneously!
Yamazaki: Ah! Okada-san, you really picked the one that suited you best!
Okada: Kansai-ben. (TN: Kansai dialect)
Inocchi: Kansai-ben! That really suits you!
Saitou: The questions for each member were as follows! I'm sure you're wondering just how each of them answered their respective questions.

Go - Your favourite choreography
Nagano - If you could attach a catchphrase to V6, what would it be?
Masa - If you could be reborn as anyone, who would you want to be?
Inocchi - A secret about the members that only I know.
Okada - Give us a message in Kansai-ben <3
Ken - Do you have a routine before a concert?

Saitou: Let's begin with Sakamoto-san! He's V6's leader, who was said to have steered V6 to where they are today. But if he could be reborn as anyone, who would he want to be?
Masa: I guess it's gotta be Okada!?
Yamazaki: Why is that?
Masa: Well, I've never been able to set foot into the set of a taiga drama or any such grand places...
Okada: Back when I was filming the taiga too, you were always going, "d'you think I could get a scene or two in there?"
Yamazaki: So you want to appear in one as Okada-kun?
Masa: Yes, as Okada! I couldn't if I was anyone else but Okada! I wanna be in a movie, too!
Saitou: Leader, are you sure you want to become Okada?

Saitou: Next up, we have Nagano-san! Please give V6 a cool catchphrase!
Nagano: I'm from the Showa era, so... (TN: Showa era = 1926-1989)
Yamazaki: Okay.
Nagano: Is that okay?
Yamazaki: Yes.
Nagano: Hop, step, V6! That's all.

Masa: Were you moved by that?
Inocchi: I was! "Hop, step, V6!" is really good, isn't it!?
Saitou: Somehow, it seems that Inohara-san really likes this phrase! Could it be...? Will they really adopt it!?
Inocchi: Good afternoon everyone!
V6: We are... Hop, step, V6!
Inocchi: K, let's stop this.

Saitou: Well then, let's pull ourselves together and move on to the next one! A fitting question for Morita-san, who is said to be the best at dancing among the members! What is his favourite choreography?
Masa: This is a fitting question for Go, huh?
Go: What should I say... I don't think I have one.
Inocchi: On the contrary, do you have a choreography that annoys you?
Go: A choreography that annoys me...
Ken: You do, don't you?
Inocchi: One that you have to bite your tongue as you do it.
Ken: That crab-like one.
Go: Crab!?
Ken: No matter how we try, it doesn't come out well. No matter how we try, it doesn't look cool at all.
Yamazaki: What song is that the choreography to?
Ken: It's from "can do can go."
Inocchi: We had to do this for our concert this time, too, but what the hell is up with this move?
Saitou: It seems that the members all don't really like this choreography, but... Yamazaki-san makes an unreasonable request!
Yamazaki: Can we have you to strike that pose again?
Inocchi: Eh?
Yamazaki: Can you strike that pose again?
Inocchi: She's asking you to do it one more time, please.
Go: Even though it's totally not my favourite at all.
Inocchi: 5, 6, 7, 8!
Yamazaki: Thank you!
Inocchi: We should totally do that!

Saitou: National rugby player Goroumaru made this phrase a sensation, but does V6 also have a cool routine, Miyake-san?
Ken: We're surprisingly plain.
Inocchi: Really plain.
Yamazaki: Can you show us what you all do before each concert?
Ken: I'm telling you, it's probably even plainer than you imagine.
Inocchi: Let's do it.
Masa: Let's do our best.
V6: Yeah!
Masa: Let's have fun.
V6: Yeah!
Masa: Let's go!
V6: Yeah!
Ken: That's all...
Inocchi: That's really all there is to it.
Yamazaki: But you've done this for 20 years?
Ken: That's really all there is to to it. It doesn't really pump us up at all...

Saitou: Is this relaxed atmosphere their secret to continuing for 20 years? Next up, we have Inohara-san. He must have all the deets on the members and their secrets! Please give us something that has never been publicised before!
Inocchi: Ah, I think I'm the only one who has ever been to Nagano-kun's house.
Nagano: No, Go has come by before.
Inocchi: He went inside?
Go: His house? I did, I did.
Nagano: He's come by twice.
Inocchi: He's even been into your room? The room that you were using.
Nagano: He didn't come into my room... Just the living room, if I remember right.
Inocchi: Oh, just the living room, huh? In Nagano-kun's room... His wallpaper... It's a floral pattern.
Nagano: It's roses! Roses!
Inocchi: The air conditioning was switched on and he came into the room and was all, "sorry it's a floral pattern!"

Saitou: Last but not least, the perfect question for Okada-san, who was born in Kansai! Please give us an impassioned message!
Okada: Hello! This is V6, oma! I'm doing it...
Ken: You fell back on "oma" again... (TN: "oma" is sort of a stative verb [i.e. "to be"] in Kansai-ben and is his catchphrase as HiraPaaNii-san [HiraPaaNii-san de oma!])
Nagano: The only thing he said in Kansai-ben was "oma," right? (TN: the rest of what Okada said just now was in standard Japanese)
Okada: Like this! (TN: Again, this is in standard Japanese)
Nagano: Eh!?
Inocchi: Has he forgotten it?
Ken: Have you forgotten all your Kansai-ben!?
Inocchi: Did you forget it?
Okada: There ain't no way I'd forget.
Inocchi: There it is!
Go: That's more like it! That's more like it!
Okada: Let's be buds.
Inocchi: Who are you talking to?
Okada: I wonder, man.
Inocchi: If this was all there was to it, any of us could have done it...
Okada: Nagano-kun's crib... Has got some fine rose-patterned wallpaper.
Go: And!?
Masa: The cameraman is totally confused about whether he should zoom in or not!
Okada: From here on, too, please take care of V6, yeah?
Inocchi: Hm?
Ken: What's he saying?
Okada: I ain't got no clue what I'm sayin'.
Yamazaki: Cut!
Inocchi: Oh, that's the end. It looked pretty painful.
Yamazaki: That was just... Long!
Inocchi: Long...! The only good thing about it was its length!
(TN: please forgive my extremely poor attempt at translating Kansai-ben into some form of English dialect/slang)

Saitou: To everyone who has just woken up, Okada-san, please give a proper message this time!
Okada: Good morning! Will today...
Go: He gets into it real quick.
Okada: Be a good day? What are ya doin'?
Inocchi: That's what we want to ask you!
Ken: What are YOU doing!?
Okada: What are ya doin' now?
Ken: That's a question that should be aimed at YOU!
Inocchi: They've just woken up and aren't even listening, probably.
Nagano: What was I doing? I was sleeping.
Okada: Do your best today, too! This was V6!
Inocchi: Your face is totally red!

Saitou: In the end, we have no idea what he was trying to say, but... Thank you very much, Okada-san! Anyway, speaking of Okada-san, he's also Kansai's Super HiraPaaNii-san! Today, on behalf of Okada-san, the show has prepared some souvenirs for everyone.
Inocchi: I've always wanted one of these!
Go: It's a parka!
Masa: Quite a number of our fans wear this to our concerts.
Yamazaki: Yes, yes.
Masa: And I'm always like, "what's that?"
Ken: Yeah, yeah! I saw a lot of these at our concert.
Yamazaki: Eh! Inocchi, your eyes...!
Ken: Your eyes are huge!
Inocchi: I put this on first and now I don't know where the zipper is...
Okada: Hirakata! Come on, Hirakata!
Nagano: I see!
Inocchi: This is great!
Okada: Come on, Hirakata!
Masa: Now we've got two Okadas!
Go: This is bad...
Ken: This is bad!
Inocchi: Do I look like him?
Ken: You do!
Okada: I do NOT do that.
Inocchi: Eh? I was the only one doing it?

Saitou: Of course, we're not about to let it end with just Inohara-san! This is going to be extremely precious and tear-inducing footage to everyone in the Kansai area! Have a look at the 6 of them saying that phrase!
Okada: Hello! This is V6...
V6: Oma!
Saitou: Amazing! That was really some precious footage!
Yamazaki: How was it?
Dude: They talked about a whole lot of stuff, huh!
Yamazaki: Yes! Although at times I wasn't sure what they were talking about... But it really was a very enjoyable time! Actually, on the day of the interview, my flight was delayed so I was late for the interview. But the members of V6 were all, "it's okay, it's okay! We're just happy that you're here!" So kind of them, isn't it? And that's how the interview became what it was: overflowing with love!
Saitou: And it was rather long, too!
Yamazaki: Yes! The interview was almost an hour long!
Saitou: A whole hour with the members of V6...
Yamazaki: I monopolized them <3 Of course, it's V6's 20th anniversary this year, but the one thing that the members of V6 kept stressing throughout was their gratitude towards their fans! "Thank you for coming along on this journey with us for the past 20 years." These feelings really came through during the interview, and the ribbon shower was really touching, too. And with that, thank you very much!

(●●)(^▽^・)(´ε`) Merry Christmas! (仝_仝:)(・△・)(゚ー゚)

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